Sam Wilson: Don't look at me. I do what he does – just slower.

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Skull Face and the XOF plan their attack on Snake`s Militaires Sans Frontières

Skull Face: 

“Give my regards to your Boss, when you get home.”

“The Trojan Horse`s in.”

“This pirate crackdown`s a go. Move!”

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The Amazing Spider-Man film review

It was a decent film but it wasn’t what I was expecting, that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t watch it when it was released. I just had that sense of doubt about it, but I thought eventually I like Spidey so I’m going to give this film a watch. I assumed prior to watching this that it may be a darker closer to reality version such as Batman Begins that type of style; but I realised it seemed like the film was more for the younger audience to enjoy. I think it was a decent reboot none the less but it wasn’t exceptional. Because I found the story very predictable of course, but the events the way Peter became Spider-Man is slightly different from the original film which was good. We have Gwen Stacy who becomes his girlfriend which is nice since as it adds romance, plus I really liked her as a character she`s a smart friendly girl. So this time it’s not Mary Jane which I thought was a great fresh change, by having a different love interest for Peter. But I just cringed at the intimate moments between Peter and Gwen, and they happened a bit too frequently for me to like. But enough of the negatives I loved the action sequences they were really good. Such as seeing Peter get used to his new powers, web slinging to and fro and hunting criminals was nice to watch. I thought the main villain The Lizard man was interesting, as we had this dilemma that Lizard and Spidey knew each other, it was was cool to see unfold. One of my favourite aspects of Spidey overall was that he seemed very close to the comics, such as the way he would have fun and mock the criminals as he was stopping them. I really enjoyed those moments as that’s the Spidey I know and find interesting as a character as he`s still a kid.  One of my favourite scenes, which was great acting by Andrew Garfield as Spidey was when he was saving this child. The car was hanging of the bridge attached to Spidey`s web and Spidey had to save him, he took off his mask to calm the child down. He said something along the lines: See I’m a normal person it`s okay. He handed his mask to the child to put on his face, and gave the child some words to boost his courage such as “the mask will give you power” to lean forward to jump. Man that was amazing to see unfold, it just shows as a character what Spider-Man is about, he`s a good guy just trying to help people. That scene is enough for me, that Andrew is the right actor to play Spidey. He even looks so similar to the comics, the thin build and hair colour is just very accurate. Overall it was a fun film to watch, it doesn’t take itself too seriously which is a good thing. I will rate this film 8/10. 

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You’re a lot like your father. You really are Peter, and that’s a good thing. But your father lived by a philosophy, a principle really. He believed that, that if you could do good things for other people, you had a moral obligation to do those things. That’s what’s at stake here. Not choice, responsibility.

Uncle Ben giving advice to Peter Parker

(The Amazing Spider-Man)

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