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Azog`s Orc language

Azog commands one of his Orc: Birintura Cobdetul. Translates to Bring me the Dwarf`s head.

Gu hai doum – Kill him. When Bilbo interferes.

This is how it sounded like the words he said. I like the Orc language this time around in The Hobbit. Because in The Lord of the Rings trilogy I swear I only heard the evil tongues only a few times, but in this it was used to communicate rather than just a war chant. It`s just that what intrigues me is the way the words roll off your tongue, it seems like most of the words are easy to say they don’t sound complicated. Also they do suit Orcs as it sounds all epic every word. I wonder if it was similar to Tolkien`s black speech of Mordor or maybe Peter Jackson`s own version. I hope to hear more Orc speech and more Azog talking in the two upcoming films.

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