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Dredd Film Review

The film in a few words: badass, bloody, action packed and judgement time. This is 18 rated it is definitely not for children as they will most likely be horrified by the gore. I decided to eventually watch this film because I was impressed with Karl Urban`s acting in the two J.J. Abrams Star Trek films and I have seen him in The Lord of the Rings films. So I thought I want to see him play the lead role, I knew he had done this film so I went for it because it had also got decent reviews on most websites. Boy did this surpass my low expectations of it. This was great because it was simple and straight forward; it knew what it was an action film first and foremost. It wasn’t trying to be a mystery or plot twister or anything else because it wasn’t necessary for it. When I decided to view it I was in that mood when you just want to watch something that doesn’t make you think every second of what the hell is going on type of scenario. With this it`s just a good old fashioned action packed fast paced shootout, you can just sit back and enjoy it. But it had cool perks that made it stand out such as the SLO-MO drug which gave a good reason to start using slow motion. Of course almost all films these days use it, but I thought it makes sense for this as it was based on the drug that gives you that sensation so as the viewer you are experiencing what they see. Also Dredd`s side kick who was this rookie psychic girl, but she wasn’t just there for no reason her abilities are well used in this. So those elements of the film made it more interesting than say a standard film about shooting and killing the opposition. The perks also made it more complex so it was harder to predict which was good. Star of the film for me was most obviously Karl Urban`s acting as Dredd, he did a fabulous job of showing what Dredd was feeling or thinking by just using his mouth, as his eyes were covered up by his helmet the entire time. Perfect choice of cast as the actors fitted the characters such as Lena Headey as the main villain, she was cruel and dangerous which made you root for Dredd to take her out. Overall I was impressed with this and I have already ordered it on Blu-ray. I will rate this film an 8/10. Because I think I can always watch it whenever I’m bored.

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